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From Reducing
to Creating 📉

We all want to care for ourselves, our loved ones and our planet, now and in the future. And 88% of us want brands to help. Some brands are doing so by reducing the environmental impact of their products, which is a start! But how might brands extend their efforts from reducing unsustainable practices to creating sustainable ones? By highlighting high-impact actions and making them easier for people to practice…

From Platitudes
to Plants 🥬

Eating more plants is the most impactful action most of us can take to live more sustainably. Growing plants for food not only results in less air pollution but also requires less land and water than raising animals. Add to that their ability to improve health and reduce animal suffering and it’s clear how powerful plants can be — if we choose.

Unfortunately, this message often gets stuck in plant-based echo chambers and isn’t on most folks’ radars. So, we team up with brands to highlight the power of plants and make them more accessible!

Starting is Easy!

1. Name to Claim 🙌

We have a free plant-based food with your name on it! Claim by nominating a brand that’s already promoting plant-based eating or one you’d love to see start…

2. Buy + Eat 🥬

Buy a plant-based alternative and we’ll reimburse you up to $5 per nominated brand and up to $15 total. Plant-based milks, burgers, and meal kits are a few examples.

3. Measure 📉

Get your own wellwith.me page to measure the impact of your plant-based choices. When a brand joins, we measure the impact of its community and work together to amplify it.

Expert Takes: Food as Prevention*

*These quotes refer not to NutritionBenefits specifically but to food as prevention in general. We have no affiliation with these experts and link to the original sources.

“All payers, both public and private, should integrate food and nutrition services into preventive care.” (Food is Prevention: The Case for Integrating Food and Nutrition Interventions into Healthcare)

Dariush Mozaffarian, M.D., Dr.P.H.

“These food as medicine approaches are gaining real traction. If pilot studies are implemented and work, there’s a very real chance you could in the near future go to the doctor, a doctor could write a prescription for food, and an insurance company will pay for part.” (Popular Science)

Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM

“Imagine how much money companies can save!” (Referring to the Plant-Based Workplace Intervention described here.)

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